Most Useful Google Adwords Extensions

Google Provides Extensions for increased more information about products & services in our Text & display
Ads.It overcomes fewer character limits in Text & display ads.Extension show below the description of text ads which looks more attractive.
In March 2017 google provides location extension for Display Ads.

Types of Good Adwords extensions Extensions

1)-Call Extensions -According to google the latest policy, you can not apply for a business phone number in text ads, an extension so only extensions if you want to add the phone number in your ads.


2)-Callout Extenstions -Products & service related benefits apply, which is left in text ads.It is seprate with dots(.), below the description.Callout should have character limit less than 75 including spaces, trigger in ads.

3)-Sitelink Extensions- You show more product & sevices pages links in your ads or you can show your specific pages like about us, contact us & clients reviews.Google recommends 4 site links in ads.

4)-Extended Sitelink Extensions- Description of site links(show below site links), called extended site link.It shows only brand name or business keywords. Example-MakeMyTrip,Flipkart.

5)-Structured snippet- Key features of products & services added in this extension.It separates with a comma(,) in our ads.It have 2 parts like-
a)Header-You have to choose your business nature.
b)Value-You have to add features or benefits of products & services.

>>Here Header= Course & Value= SEM,SEO,Web Analytics,Social Media,Video Marketing

6)-Location extension-In location extension show our business address in your text ads.

7)-Review Extensions-You show your business reviews in your text ads.You have 30 unique reviews in one
year for using this extension.

8)-App Extensions-You can apply app download link in your text ads.It Shows only mobile & tablets.


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