Top 12 Digital Marketing Facts

There are a few insights and certainties each digital marketer should know off the highest point of their head, for example, the normal active visitor clicking percentage of the first position in Google. In the event that you don’t realize what that then doesn’t stress, we’ll cover it later.


In any case, in the event that you truly need to enhance yourself as an advanced advertiser then these are the actualities and insights you should know.

Here are some eye-opening top 12 digital marketing facts that will make you rethink your current SEO strategy.

1. Almost 100 million active Twitter users log in once in a day at least.

2. 83 % of User on Pinterest are Women.

3. SEO has the great impact on lead generation as per 57 % B2B Marketers.

4. 67% more leads are generated out of blogging by B2B companies in comparison to non –
blogging firms.

5. Slideshare fetches 60 million visitors every month.

6. Almost 26 % of marketing budgets are spent on content by B2B Marketers.

7. 80 % of online audience prefer watching a video rather than reading the text.

8. 66 % of marketers believe that Digital Marketing is one of the best mediums to succeed.

9. Only 33 % (approx) of CMOS and Social Marketing Leaders possess the basic understanding of data analytics.

10. 63 % of purchasing decisions of customers rely on blogs than newspapers.

11. Blogs with more visual appeal and images attract 94 % more page views.

12. Three million advertisers now use Facebook to reach their customers.

Thus, significantly more can be learned in Digital Marketing. On the off chance that these measurements and actualities tricked you to enter the evolving digital marketing sector, at that point you can choose to participate in the Digital Marketing program and improve your insight.


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