Top 10 Social Media Interview Question & Answer

Social Media Marketing is the remarkable place where everyone short period of time. Posting such rich content on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & G+ where you can reach to millions & Billions of people.

If you are looking job in social media marketing in competitive Industry then you have to prepare the following  Top  10 Social Media Interview Question & Answer.

#1. What are top Social Media Marketing Tool to Consider?

The relevant Tool that could be used to track social media Success are-

  • Buffer- Buffer is the most widely used software application that helps to schedule the post on three social media platform- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • HootSuite- This tool gives us free reports by email & scheduling on Facebook, Twitter.
  • Bitly- This tool mainly use for shortening the URLs
  • Crawdbooster- It measures multiple social media network. It also suggests what kind of content are best for Business.

#2. What is Facebook Edgerank? Why is it important? 

Facebook Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine whether your post should put up or not in the news feed of your page.

This Algorithms Measures-

(a).How Links, Video, Image & Content engages the reader.

(b).The affinity between you & your followers.

#3. How to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank? For Improvement of Facebook

 For Improvement of Facebook edgerank, you have to follow the following points.

(a). The post should be 120-250 character are more likely to get more likes & comment.

(b). Always use photo & video which attracts your audience.

(c). The post should be always related to your services & product, which is not address directly your service.

#4. What is the best way to measure Social Return on Investment (ROI)? 

There are some factor which you can measure social media ROI-

(a). Reach

(b). Traffic

(c). Lead Generation

(d). Clicks

(f). Customer Acquisition

#5. How can you Increase your Facebook reach?

To increase your reach on Facebook you can consider the following tips

(a). Improve your facebook Edgerank Algorithm

(b). Stop using third party Tool

(c). Trigger Ads to relevant Audience.

(d). More share on Relevant Group

#6. Explain how to promote your Blog or content on social media?

Consider the following points-

(a). Sharing your content or Blog.

(b).Use the different Title for the Same Blog & Schedule the Post.

(c)- Trigger ads by using the Facebook Pixel

#7. What is RSS Feed?

The full name of RSS is Rich Site Summary.RSS is an XML File. These feed push content to company site & allow readers to subscribe their Feed.

#8. Explain the best way to use the Twitter?

For B2B Business twitter Generates more Leads so we have to follow the following points-

(a). Keeping the Tweet around 100 characters. Make your Tweet eye catchy.

(b). Schedule & plan your tweets with help of Buffer or TweetDesk.

(c). Use Hash Tag on every Tweet.

(d). Check Twitter Analysis to Know what could be done to improve strategy.

#9. What is Image size of Facebook Post?

1200 * 630 Pixel

#10. Is Google Plus is worth for using in a Business?

No, G+ is not worth for our Business. if you regularly share high-quality content on Google+, it will get indexed instantly and thus, it becomes easier for one to rank their website on target keywords.

With +1s on Google+, the company will have a greater chance to have a higher ranking on Google



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