How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing– People leave your website without buying anything then Trigger your ads to people who’ve visited your website, used your mobile app or video channel. remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. In this Article, I Explain How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign In SEM.

Setup Remarketing Campaign: – Before starting remarketing campaign you have to apply remarketing tag on header section of the website.You can extract this remarketing tag from shared Library tab in Google Adwords.Now you have to consider the following points for How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign 

1.Sign in

2.In remarketing camping firstly you have to create Remarketing List then this list to connect with your particular Display Campaign.

3.For the list you have to click on Shared Library tab>>Audience>>Click on Remarketing List thus you create the remarketing list.


4.Now you will come on +Campaign Tab and Select Display Network.


5- On next step, you write Campaign Name & Select No Marketing objectives Tab with All Features.

6.Selects Location, Languages, Devices, apply bid & budget then save & continue.

7.Enter Ad group name & Max CPC

  • Under “Choose how to target your ads”, click Interests and Remarketing.
  • In the “Select a Category” drop-down menu, choose Remarketing lists.

10.In Remarketing list you have to select your specific list & Click on SAVE Continue.

11.In Next Step, You Have to Create Text Ads or Image ADS which you want to Triggers then Save.

Thus we can say that How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign is very easy process to advertise your product & services in SEM.

Note- The size of Image in Display Ads are Following—



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