SEO vs. PPC- Which is Better for Your Business

Search Engine Marketing is the winner in the field of Digital marketing for generating more leads for your business. SEO is important even if you’re doing PPC. The major advantage of SEO statistically tends to bring you better traffic and more trustworthy leads. Truth be told, bunches of searchers have prepared themselves to overlook “paid outcomes” totally when perusing the web or looking on Google.

More than 85% of online users will go to their most loved Search Engine first when searching for products or administrations, yet 95% don’t look past the initial three indexed pages, so SEM should have an essential influence on your general SEO Marketing technique. Finding the correct blend of SEO, PPC, backlinks and quality substance can arrive your site in a sweet spot with web crawlers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) trigger online promotions of your products and services. It is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search. The essential supplier of Paid Search promoting is Google Adwords. Google offers Search, Display, and video promoting. Search advertising refers to the advertisements you find in indexed lists, while Display refers to the promotions you see when you visit different sites on the web.

According to Google 20% leads comes from PPC but for the startup business, PPC or SEM is more effective because in startup phase your website is not rank in SERP, it takes more time to trigger on 1 page of Google.


Advantage- The advantage of PPC are following

  1. Branding your business according to the user keywords in the starup phase of business.
  2. Reach the target audience easily. In PPC campaign you choose where and when your ads will appear based on a number of factors including keywords, location, website, device, time.
  3. Real-time reporting of each campaign to your clients through MMC (Merchant Client Center)
  4. Optimize your campaign means to focus on the quality score you can you can trigger ads at minimum costs.


Without proper knowledge of how the PPC platform works, you could end up spending much more money than needed. Also, if the keywords you are using have high competition and a high cost per click, it can be difficult to get ads to rank highly with a small budget.


SEO works on Google algorithms.There are many ways to increase the usability of your website and appear higher in organic search results. This involves a combination of technical expertise, creative elements, and strategic planning to increase traffic, improve rankings, and increase conversions. There are 2 types of SEO

(a). On Page SEO

(b). Off page SEO


1. Increase organic traffic

One of the main sources of web traffic across all sites is organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Creating an SEO strategy and optimizing your site helps search engines determine the value of your website. This will help bring in more site traffic and allow your website to be located quickly.

2. More sustainable

Unlike PPC campaigns, your efforts do not stop the moment you stop paying. SEO efforts will continue to generate traffic, help your website grow and provide ongoing benefit to your business. However, these benefits will begin to fade over time.

3. Generates better ROI in compare with PPC.

4. Higher Brand Credibility, People Trust Google.


1. increased traffic and higher rankings in search engine results will not happen overnight with SEO. It takes time for the search engines to explore and learn about your site while gathering data necessary to rank your site.

2. Effective SEO is complicated and requires a lot of elements, both technical and creative. Many factors play a part in creating an effective SEO strategy. Without proper knowledge of how SEO works or what is needed for a successful SEO strategy, your efforts could be futile.


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