SEO Techniques that Double your Traffic

According to Google 85% traffic comes from organic search and only 15% traffic comes from PPC.  So, we have to optimize our website or a particular page for the organic search that can generate more traffic on our website.

Now, here I describe the top ten SEO Techniques that Double your Traffic.

  1. SEO audit of your website.
  2. Create SEO optimized landing page.
  3. The website should be Mobile friendly.
  4. Internal linking.
  5. Monitor the webmaster tool.
  6. Reduce page loading time.
  7. Update and Unique content.
  8. Strong presence in social media.
  9. Generate quality full back links.
  10. Use your competitor’s keyword.
#1-SEO audit of your website:

SEO audit means examine overall performance of your website, including On page optimization and Off page optimization.

What you should be you are looking during website audit-

(a). Figure out the meta tag and description of all pages of the website.

(b). Optimize the focus keyword of each page without keyword stuffing.

(c). Optimize the URL structure, means URL should be simple, short and easy for search engine to tell what is the page about.

(d). Focus on all your images keyword in their all tag.

Note: For audit website, you can use free tools like SEO site checkup,, woorank, and Moz.

#2-Create SEO optimizes landing page:

A well-designed landing page can improve your conversions and leads. The landing page should be user-friendly so that navigation is easy for the user.

The key element of the landing page:

(a). Useful, unique content.

(b). Implement the focus keyword with the keyword density.

(c). Apply contact form or call to action button.

#3-The website should be Mobile friendly.

Your site should be responsive on the mobile device because 60% of daily searches are performed now on mobile devices.

According to Google Algorithm, if your site is mobile friendly then it boosts in SEO.

Note- You can check your site as it is a mobile friendly or not by using Google online mobile-friendly test tool.

#4-Internal linking:

 Internal linking is the best way to reduce the Bounce rate of our web page which is best for SEO point of view.

Internal linking is the practice of using anchor text to another page inside your blog which encourages to Google crawler to index them more fastly.This is best SEO Techniques that Double your Traffic.

#5-Monitor the webmaster tool:

Google webmaster the is a powerful tool to help your issues the of site that affects your ranking. You have to check regularly in Webmaster tool-

(a). Focus on Crawl error like 404 error, access denied error and server error.

(b). Update the new site map.

(c). works on HTLM improvement segments.

#6-Reduce page loading time:

Page loading time is the important factor in SEO by which you can reduce Bounce rate.

The page loading time should be less than 3 seconds.

#7-Update and Unique content:

According to Google Panda algorithms, the search engine prefers unique and updated content that will help for getting high ranking in SERP.

Update the fresh focus keyword and new testimonial on your site.

 #8-Strong presence in social media

In your blog section, there should be social media share Button that helpful to share the article on social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.

From Social Networking platform you can generate more traffic by posting the updated article on regular basis.

#9-Generate quality full back links:

You can generate high-quality back links by-

(a). Comment in another blog article which page rank is high.

(b). Guest blogging.

(c). Social bookmarking.

(d). Press release submission.

#10-Use your competitor’s keyword.

Thus you can say that SEO Techniques that Double your Traffic.


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