Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

The most ideal approach to drawing in the movement to a site is by means of substance promoting. Content promoting is best done through blogging, online networking, nd email advertising. However, in this post we won’t cover how to pull in movement yet rather we will discuss how to change over those activities into leads.

The are Following ways which we can Convert Website Traffic Into Leads-
1- Landing Page-
Your Landing page should be informative, descriptive & effective with target keyword density.Attractive landing page gives us maximum conversion (50-55%) in minimum time spam.You can also have different banners in your blog which link to one of your own landing pages.

The landing page should be SEO friendly which you can rank easily.In WordPress, you can use Yost Plugin for On Page SEO.In every Landing page, you can apply be Contact From & Chat option which generating more leads.
2- Advertising on Google-
You can run your ads on google network(Search Network, Display network, Video Network & App Network), where you obtain more traffic if your ads trigger on top 3 positions of search engine result page.In display network, you trigger images ads at minimum cost via remarketing which you obtain relevant leads.In video ads, you can trigger your ads on youtube before publishing the video content or after publishing the video Content.

3- Notification Bar-
Notice bars are the full wide pennants on the highest point of the sites. Web clients have been “prepared” to focus on the notice bars on the grounds that the programs as a rule show cautioning messages like a missing module or a blocked popup in the notice bar. Such bars remain on the highest point of everything and numerous such bars can be arranged to adhere to the top notwithstanding when individuals look down the site. It is a decent way to grab the visitor.
In WordPress there are many plugins available for notification bar, Hellobar.com is one them.if any visitor fills up this notification bar via their mail then you can get leads.

4- Contact From-
The Contact forms should be implemented in our particular landing page with minimum feeds, where user fill their information where you can get leads.Contact from should be static means its show every page of websites which is helpful in getting in leads.
In WordPress, you install the plugin for contact from.Contact from7 is the best plugin for WordPress.

5- ChatOption-
In every business, you generate leads via chat with an interested customer.

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