Killer SEO Tips For WordPress Websites


I have noticed many people take the wrong route and overdo the SEO part. In this article, I will tell Killer SEO Tips For WordPress Websites which you can get the ranking of your WordPress websites or WebPages in Search Engine, you have to focus on following Tactics.

#1.Focus on Unique & Fresh Content


According to new updates of Google, the crawler of Google(Googlebot) or search engine gives more priority to unique & fresh content.If your content is unique then you getting ranking in minimum time spam.In your content Focus keyword should be also involved in SEO friendly manner.

#2.Meta Tag optimization with Yost Plugin:


You have to install the Yost Plugin or All in one Seo Plugin by which you have to optimize the Meta Tag like-Title tag(60 Characters), Description Tag(160 Characters), Heading Tag(70 Characters) & also implement the focus keywords.

#3.Use Short Permalinks: –

Your Permalink should be short with focus keywords, which is best for getting ranking in SERPs

#4.Share Post to Social Network: – 

All post of your website has to publish on social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin & Twitter which you can generate the traffic of your webgettingConversion or lead of product & services.

#5.Optimize Page Loading Time:

Page loading time should be less than 3 seconds of your particular page. You Can reduce your page loading time by-

>Decrease file size of the image.

>Use the External Style Sheets.

>Use the CSS Sprites to regulate the HTTP Requests.

>Implement minimum size of the video.

#6.Internal Linking:

Interlinking is helpful to reduce your Bounce Rate of Particular Page & you can visit to your user in your website internal pages.

#7. Try to Avoid Immediate Popup on the page.

#8.Submit Sitemap: – 

For sitemap, you have to generate XML Sitemap from online tool XML Sitemap Generator & upload it in root file of the directory which the crawler crawl all your web pages easily.

#9.Don’t use Black Hat Technique:

Never use Black hat technique(Clocking, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Text)which is harmful to SEO Point of view.

#10.Generate Backlinks from high P.R website.

Thus, by using these Killer SEO Tips For WordPress Websites you can Boost your specific page & generate maximum ROI.

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