Influencer Marketing with Elements and Examples

When we purchase the product or service the first time then sometimes we see multiple types of assurance or trust about that product or service.


In the digital marketing context, the influencer is people who have a huge follower on social media network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
These influencers have the ability to convince their followers to buy the product and became the loyal customer.
Many top branded companies have to use the Brand Ambassador to promote the product and services with their Brand Ambassador to write the review in their social media post.

Examples of Influence Marketing:
a. H&M
Influencer: Julie Sarinana (Model and Fashion Blogger) who promote the H&M products through her Instagram account.


Influencer Marketing Elements

Measurement Tools-

Evaluate your performance by determining the following-

(a). Compare your current follower amount to when you first began.
(b). Calculate the number of sales that resulted from working with the influencers.
(c). Determine what your ROI is.

Measuring the results of your campaign will give you insights on whether or not you should continue working with specific influencers or not and how to plan another influencer marketing campaign in the future.


In Influencer Marketing content play the key role for catching your audience.
There are three key reasons that are why we use best in content Influencer Marketing-

(a). Increased sales
(b). Cost savings
(c). Better customers who have more loyalty

– Trending content hits the followers, which is relevant to the specific product or services.

Audience Profiles-

One of the key elements of an influencer marketing campaign is knowing and identifying your audience. Answer these questions about your audience:

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Who is the target audience for your brand’s message?
  • Who will be interested in your product or service?
  • Make sure that the influencers you choose to work with aligning with your brand’s message and audience.


Influencers are a great marketing resource because of the way they communicate a message to an audience that trusts them. It is essential that the influencer’s message sounds genuine so that their audience trusts their opinion on your product. It’s okay to give your influencers talking points, but avoid scripting an entire message for them.

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