How to Reduce Page Loading Time of WordPress Site

Page loading time includes Google ranking algorithm, means website speed affect our SEO due to which you will lose your visitors or traffic of the website.How to Reduce Page Loading Time of WordPress Site is the big challenge for Search Engine Optimization.

If your page loading time is more than three seconds then it will be a bad experience for the visitors and your bounce rate will also increase due to which you will drop your ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


Now here I explain some important points which describe How to Reduce Page Loading Time of WordPress Site

1-Choose Good host –

Always use page hosting service like, Hostgator and Bigrock. In my blog ( I used Hostgator service which performance is best.

Note- Never use free hosting services and does not host multiple sites in a one hosting domain.

2-Use Premium theme –

Try to use the Premium theme that you can buy online like Theme Forest. The premium theme is more customizable, lightweight and more responsive.

3-Use effective catching Plugin-

Use W3Total catch plugin through which your site speed your site will increase up to 100%  as per Digital Marketer   ( Niel Patel and Digital Deepak).

This is the best plugin to improve the overall performance and page loading time.

4-Optimize Images-

Always upload minimum file size of images due to which you can reduce page loading time.

For optimization of images, you can use free plugin WP-Smushit or use free online tool image optimizer.

5-Optimize WordPress Database-

For optimization of your site database, you can use WP-optimize plugin, this plugin optimizes your database (spam, draft, table and post revisions etc.) to reduce their overheads.

6-Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)-

By the help of CDN all your static files on site (CSS, Javascript, and Images), visitor downloads them fast as possible by serving the files on servers and close to them possible. For the CDN you can use Free plugin CDN.

7-Remove the unnecessary plugins– Always remove the unnecessary plugin which affects your page loading time.

Thus we can say that How to Reduce Page Loading Time of WordPress Site is the challenge in SEO Point of view.

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