How To improve Quality Score In Adwords

Quality Score- Quality Score in AdWords, is a rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads.Google provides Quality Score only for the keyword in Google account.  It is used to determine your  Max CPC and multiplied by your ad rank in the ad auction process.Google Provides quality score out of 10.How To Improve Quality Score In Adwords is big the challenge in Search Engine Marketing(S.E.M).

          QUALITY SCORE= MAX C.P.C * Ad Rank



There are Parameter on which Google generated quality score-

1. Expected Click Through Rate(C.T.R)

2. Ad-Relevancy

3. Landing Page Experience

(A)-How to Improve C.T.R– You have to focus on the Following Element which you can improve your C.T.R.

  • Ad should be relevant with your Ad copy.
  • Ad should be unique and Attractive.
  • Use Negative Keywords
  • Use Ad-extensions
  • Ad should be top 4 position –For showing your ad top of the page you can apply Rules(apply conditions) Features of AdWords.

(B)-How to Improve Ad-Relevancy – You have to consider the following points-

  • Use Keyword in phrase & exact match type
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertions (D.K.I)
  • Apply Ad-Extensions

(C)- How to Improve Landing Page Experience

  • Content Optimization of particular landing page
  • Landing Page should be relevant to our target keywords.
  • Meta Optimization (Title tag, Heading tag)
  • Url Structure
  • Apply A/B Testing or Split testing

 Thus We can understand How To Improve Quality Score In Adwords, is factor in generating maximum ROI for particular Campaign.


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