How Many Types of Queries in SEO

On Google every day 3.5 Billion or every second there is 40,000 Queries search by the visitor.


Now here I described the how many types of queries search on Search Engine (Google, Bing, MSN & Yahoo).

#1- Informational Queries-

Informational Quires means when user looking for the specific bit of information or finding as much possible information about any subject.


(a)-What is Digital Marketing?

(b)-How Many Types of Quires in SEO?

(c)-How to do SEO for the website?

(d)- Types of quires in digital marketing.

Note- Just like Wikipedia user finds the lots of Information according to their quires.

#2- Navigational Queries-

Navigational Queries defines when user looking for the specific website, Blog or particular web page called,

Navigational Queries.






#3- Transactional Queries-

When Searcher want to buy any products or services then user want to type quires in search engine like-

(a)- Buy HTC Smartphone.

(b)- Buy Sony LED TV.

(c)- Online Food Delivery.

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