Google Chrome Extension for SEO

Google Chrome offers the SEO extension which you can rank your page or website in Search Engine.

In this article, I described the 8 types of Google Chrome extension for SEO which you need to add your web browser to help you with SEO efforts.    


1. SEO Quake

 Seo quake shows important matrices such as Alexa Rank, Google Index & Bing Index. This chrome extension show information about pages in SERPs including information of whois info, web page domain age & number of page index.

2. Moz Bar

 This extension is the oldest & popular marketing software program on the internet. Moz shows important metrics web page like its page authority, Domain Authority & link Appearance.


The extension allows you to short URLs quickly. When you click on this extension icon, it will automatically give you shorten URL to use which you can share directly from the popup window.

4. Page Load Time

Page load time is the important factor of SEO which influences your site rankings. This Extension measures the loading time of particular web page & display in the toolbar.

5. Pocket

The pocket extension like Google keeps where you can save your article or video to read later. Pocket has the functionality to add tags to help in easy exploring or categorized your articles or videos.

6. Linkclump

Linkclump extension helps to open several links & bookmark them as well. You can also filter the links that contain certain keywords, block repeated links in your selection & open links in reverse order.

7.  Grammarly

This extension use for grammar purpose of your article which corrects all grammar related issues of the content of the website.

8. Similarweb

Similar web like Google Analytics where you can see- website bounce rate, estimate visitor, Global Rank & Traffic Source. This extension also gives the Geographic’s appearance of the website.

Thus we can say that Google Chrome Extension for SEO is the best way to accelerate traffic on the search engine.

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