Google Algorithms With SEO Updates.

Search Engine Algorithms

Google Search Engine Algorithms are set of rules & instructions, made by search engines to search relevant data on the web.

Google Algorithm With SEO Updates There are 10 Google Algorithms with SEO updates, which are in following Manners-


1. Google Panda (Feb 2011)

 Google panda focus on Unique & Quality Content.If your website contains low-quality content then Google down your ranking from SERPs or gives Penality to your site.

SEO New Updates of Google Panda

  • Panda likes New & Fresh Content.
  • No Multiple Page with same Keywords.
  • Be Careful with outbound links which Keywords are Bad.


2. Google Penguin (April 2012)

 This updates decreasing search engine ranking of the website, if violates Google Webmaster Guidelines & use blackhat techniques.Google penalized those sites who increase ranking by obtaining or buying links thought some wrong practices.


3. Google Hummingbirds (August 2013)

The meaning of hummingbirds is Precise & Fast, which delivered Exact results according to user search queries.It focuses on words of queries or whole sentences which is extracting from the search engine.

SEO New Updates on Google Hummingbirds-

  • Easy to find out keyword Stuffing.
  • An effectiveness of long tail keywords.
4. Google Pigeon Updates (July 2014)

The aim of Pigeon Updates is to provides Local Search results in SERPs & that’s why it’s beneficial for Local Business.This Algorithm affects the results of Google Maps which improves their Location ranking parameter.

SEO New Updates of Pigeon-

  • Location Matters More
  • Strong Domain
5. Google Mobile friendly Updates (April 2015)

This Algorithm gives the boost to mobile friendly pages in Google mobile search results.Best Way to check your web page is to mobile friendly, you have to use –Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

6. Google Payday Updates (Auguest 2013)

This Updates Cleaning up search results for -“Spammy Queries ” such as payday loans, Pornographic or some kind of heavily spammed queries.

7. Google Pirate Updates (Auguest 2012)

This algorithm prevents sites that have many copyright infringement reports as documents thought Google DMCA system.

8. Google E.M.D(September 2012)

E.M.D prevents poor quality sites from ranking, well simply because they had words that match search term in their domain.New sites that comprise poor content or all those have missed by E.M.D Updates may get caught.

9. Top Heavy Updated (Jan 2012)

This updated to avoid sites that were top heavy with advertisements from positioning well in Google search listing.

10. Page Rank Update (Dec 2013) 

Links Analysis Algorithms which is provided by Google. On every page gives ranks out of 10.Experts find P.R is out of date & deprecated, now suggests to marketers on waste on time on P.R.

Thus I can say that you have to follow the Google Algorithms With SEO Updates for getting ranking in Google Search Engine.


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