Google AdWords Keyword Match Types

Google Adwords Keyword Match Types provides on which keywords your ads will show or not, by using keyword match type you can optimize your campaign, Improve your ROI & target only specific audience.

Example –If you want to target maximum audience then you have to use broad match and if you want to target the specific audience, you have to use Exact or phase match Keywords.


Types of Keyword Match Type- Google have assigned 5 types of keywords

1-Broad Match Type- This is the default match type of google and reaches the widest audience. Ads may trigger on searches that include misspellings, related searches, and other relevant variations.

Example- If someone searches- Online PPC training, PPC training in Pune, PPC classroom training or What is PPC?, then trigger ads for every Keyword.Means in the broad match for every relevant search, google trigger your Ads.

2-Broad Match Modifier– Keywords with the “+” sign must appear in the user’s search exactly or as a close variant, such as misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Example– If you use  +PPC +course +delhi in your keywords then any user searches-

(a)- PPC in Delhi for SEO course (Your Ads will Trigger, because PPC, course, Delhi comes in your search quires)

(b)- Online PPC course in Laxmi Nagar (Ads will not trigger because Delhi does not come in search quires)

3-Phase Match Types– Allows your ad to show for searches that include the exact phrase or close variant of phase with additional words before or after.

Example– If you use keyword section of AdWords- “PPC Course” & user searches-

(a)- Online PPC course in Delhi (Ads will trigger because you use similar phase)

(b)- Best course PPC in Delhi (Ads will not trigger similar phase PPC course not comes)

4- Exact Match Types- Ads show the only user searches your exact keywords.

Example- If you use in keyword section of AdWords- [Seo course] & user searches-

(a)-Seo course in Delhi(Ads will not trigger)

(b)-Seo course (Ads will trigger)

5Negative Keywords  In which search queries, you can not show your Ads, NeagatiNegative keywords.

NOTE– You Can Change one match type to another match type, in Edit section of Keywords Tab.As shown in a figure.


Thus by using Google AdWords Keyword Match Types you can optimize your campaign and generate Maximum ROI.


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