How Many Targeting in Display Ads

display-adsDisplay Ads use for Branding Purpose to make your business. Ads will appear on Google partner website, Adsense video network & App Network.

#AdsenseApprove website, video or App are Google Partner website.

#Display Ads Trigger Only on Display Network of Google Adwords.

Types of Targeting –  

There are four types of Targeting use in Display Advertising.

#1-Display Keyword or Contextual Targeting-

In this targeting, we add our business keyword & on the basis of that Google automatically trigger your ads on Google partner website.

#2- Interest Targeting

Interest Targeting has two parts which are given in the following manner.

(a)- Affinity Audience- Trigger ads to new & returning visitor with user interest are the Long-term, then it’s called affinity Audience.

(b)- In Market Audience- Show ads only new visitors & user interest is short term.

#3- Topic Targeting

In this targeting, we have to choose the topic for targeting & on the basis of that Google automatically display our ads on relevant pages of Google partner websites.

#4- Placement Targeting or Manual Targeting-

In this targeting, we manually choose Google partner websites on which we can to display our ads.

Note- To find relevant Google partner website we will use DISPLAY PLANNER tool.


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