Digital Marketing Certifications for Every Digital Marketer

Before preparing for any digital marketing certification you have to depth knowledge about the particular certification. Certification only boosts your CV or resume. Digital marketing certification doesn’t really matter unless you put learning into practice.

If you have the deeper experience in digital marketing certification in a practical way, definitely it will helpful for accelerating your career.

Here I will represent the top 10 digital marketing certifications for every digital marketer:

 1. Adword Search Certification by Google-

After cracking the Google fundamental exam you are eligible for search certification. The focus of this exam you have to know about to optimize the search campaigns across the search network. It involves using Google tool like Keyword tool planner.

  • The validity of Adword Search Certification is 12 months.
  • The time duration of the exam is 2 hours.
  • The required minimum score is 80 %.

2. Adwords Display Certification by Google-

The main goal for Display Ads is to meet the branding of product and services. In Display Certification, there are the lot of questions regarding remarketing, CPM(Cost per Impaction) and audience targeting.

  • The validity of Adwords Display Certification is 12 months.
  • The time duration of the exam 2 hours.
  • The required minimum score is 80 %.

3. Shopping Advertising Certification by Google-

Before applying for Shopping Ads Certification you have to know about them

  • Merchant Account
  • Product Data Feed
  • Basic of Shopping Campaigns

This certification teaches you the function of shopping campaign and budget optimization. If you crack this certification then, you are eligible for interview in e-commerce shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. The validity of Shopping Advertising Certification is 12 months.

4. Video Advertising Certification-

In Youtube video advertising you have to cover the four module like

  • Channel Creation.
  • Asset Monetization
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Ownership

– The validity of the Video Advertising Certification is 18 months.

5. Mobile Advertising Certification by Google-

In Mobile Advertising Certification covers the concepts of mobile fundamentals ads, bidding and targeting strategies and how to measure the performance and conversion.

  • The validity of this certification is 12 months.
  • The time duration of the exam 90 mins.
  • The minimum required score 80%.

6. Google Analytics Certification-

In Google Analytic Certification there is 2 main module which has to cover to crack this exam.

  • Google Analytics for Beginner
  • Advanced Google Analytics

You can learn these two modules from Google academy. The validity of this certification is 12 months. The time duration of the exam 90 mins.

7. Google Tag Manager Certification- This certification teaches you how to implement all tag without access to the website.

8. Facebook Blueprint Certification-

For Facebook Blueprint Certification you have to pay $150. In this certification, you learn how to advertise product and services on Facebook and Instagram. You have to take the appointment in advance for the exam. The validity of this certification is 12 months. The time duration of the exam 75 mins.

9. Bing Ads Accelerated Professional Certification- 

In this certification, you have to learn about Bing search Ads and display ads like Google. The validity of this certification is 12 months.

10. Hub and Academy Inbound Certification-

In this certification, you cover about SEO, Blogging, and conversion of leads. Focus on how to boost your sales.

Thus, you can say that these Digital Marketing certifications for Every Digital Marketer provide the best boost up in the career of every employee. 

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