Difference Between WordPress and Blogger

If we discussed blogging then there are many platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Medium. WordPress and Blogspot more impressive in the blogging industry so, this article I will mention the difference between Blogger and WordPress.

1. Ownership
Blogger owner is Google so all policies you have to follow in the ownership of Google. Blogger is totally free means your all content or blog host in google server.
In the case of WordPress all ownership in your hand because if you create the blog on WordPress then you have to buy your own server from many hosting provide sites like Godaddy, Hostgator.

2. Appearance or Theme
Appearance means templates or themes of blog or website. WordPress & blogger both provides templates. In Blogger there are limited templates which are provided by Google and you can not customize according to your requirements.
In WordPress, there are lots of attractive themes available or you can buy premium theme or templates and upload it, means in WordPress you can customize your theme according to your interest

3. Seo
According to all digital marketers for SEO point of view, WordPress is the best because there are lots of plugin for SEO likes Yoast, All in one Seo where you can optimize your on page with meta tag optimization.
I think for SEO point of view blogger is not best because in blogger there is the limited function like cross-linking and keyword stuffing for the targeted keyword.

4. Support
There is limited support for Blogger like – documentation & user forum. If I talk about WordPress there are lots of support facilities provides by hosting service team like chat with the technical team, online documentation and you can directly call the technical team with the toll-free number.

5. Security
In the field of your security, blogger is the best option because there are no requirements of backups and not worries about server responsibilities.
Wordpress is quite secure. Due to the self-hosted solution, you have to maintain the backups of all your database and install the SLL on your blog.

6. Earning
If your blog approved by Adsence and you earn from your blog then in this scenario WordPress is more beneficial in compare with the blogger because WordPress is self-hosted and we pay for hosting but in case of the blogger if you earn from blogger then your earning will less in WordPress with the WordPress.
So if you want to earn from the blog then I will always suggest that you have created a database blog on WordPress which gives you more money.
Hence we can say that WordPress is the best way if you want to start your own blog in any domain.

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