How to Create Facebook Campaign

#1-Create Your Business Page-

For Creation of business page, you have to follow these Tactics-

(a)- Go through this link


(b)- Choose the page Category & Business Category.

(c)- Click get Started Button & Optimize Your Page by filling Information regarding business like- Business Phone Number, Location, About Product or services which you provide.

#2- Now go to ad manager Tab of your Facebook account & Click on
#3- Select your Objective-


Before starting your Facebook ads it is important to know about the objective of your ads. In the Facebook Adwords platform, there are many objectives like Brand Awareness, Conversion, Video views, Engagement, and App installation.

#4- Implement name of your campaign.


#5- Create ad sets-

For creation of ad sets you have to follow the following points-


  • Ad set name.
  • Choose your new audience or save audience.
  • Now target your specific location, age, gender, and device.


  • Placement: Always select the automatic placement which is recommendable by Facebook.
  • Now set your budget, bid and ad scheduling.
  • Now click on the Continue button.
#6- Create your ad
  • Write your ad name which is related to your business.
  • Format – In the Facebook  AdWords platform there are several  ad formats including Carousel, Single image, Single video, slide show or canvas


  • After selecting any one format you have to upload the images and videos according to your product or services.

Note:  While uploading any image you can use only 20% for the text of the whole size of the image or you can use Facebook grid image checker tool for optimization of your image according to Facebook.

  • Apply Text and destination URL which you want to show Your Target Audience.

  • Now click on place order Tab.
#7- Payment

Now you land on facebook billing page where you can use Debit card, Credit card, Net banking and Paytm wallet and your money according to your client.


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