How to Create Campaign for Search Ads

For creation of New search ads, you have to follow the following points

  • Log on –
  • Set your email id, country, Timezone, Currencies then Continues
  • Click on +Campaign Button


  • From the drop-down menu, select the campaign type you want to use(Here I select Search Network Only)
  • Now you have to write Campaign Name



  • Select All Features tab (Because in all features tab you have to apply more features like- Remarketing, Ads Scheduling, Ads Delivery Rotations & Campaign U.R.L Optimization)
  • Now Network tab check on Google Search Network & include Search Partners
  • In location, you can target the specific country, state, city and apply specific area Pin code.
  • Language Target English.
  • Bid Strategy Section You can apply Bid & Budget(per day).


  • Delivery Method – Always should be Standard as like Google recommends you.
  • Ad extension- If you want to increase more information about product and services of your business then you can apply for ad extension.
  • Ad scheduling – if you can apply scheduling on the particular campaign then you can trigger ads according to your business time.
  • Now Save and Continue
  • Now You land to ADGROUP Section-Write Ad group name which you know from keyword tool planner.
  • Apply Heading 1 ,Heading 2 (30-30 Characters) ,Description Line(80 Characters with spaces),Path & Final URL


  • Now apply keyword which you extracts from Keyword Tool Planner according to which ad group You select.
  • Apply Default bid  & click on save & continue billing Tab
  • Then You can be billing from credit, debit card or Net banking.
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