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SEO vs. PPC- Which is Better for Your Business

Search Engine Marketing is the winner in the field of Digital marketing for generating more leads for your business. SEO is important even if you’re doing PPC. The major advantage of SEO statistically tends to bring you better traffic and more trustworthy leads. Truth be told, bunches of searchers have prepared themselves to overlook “paid

Google Adwords Extensions

Google Provides Extensions for increased more information about products & services in our Text & display Ads.It overcomes fewer character limits in Text & display ads.Extension show below the description of text ads which looks more attractive. In March 2017 google provides location extension for Display Ads. Types of Good Adwords extensions Extensions 1)-Call Extensions

How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing– People leave your website without buying anything then Trigger your ads to people who’ve visited your website, used your mobile app or video channel. remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. In this Article, I Explain How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign In SEM. Setup Remarketing Campaign: –