Author: Sanjeev Singh

Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing

What is INBOUND MARKETING? -Inbound marketing is a strategy to bring the potential customer which is relevant to your business, according to their need & demand.After reading several Blogs I found that Inbound Marketing or Pull Marketing is the best way for Small or Startup Business. Example of Inbound Marketing- (a)-Blogging (b)-Social Media (c)-Email-Marketing (d)-

How to Create Facebook Campaign

#1-Create Your Business Page- For Creation of business page, you have to follow these Tactics- (a)- Go through this link (b)- Choose the page Category & Business Category. (c)- Click get Started Button & Optimize Your Page by filling Information regarding business like- Business Phone Number, Location, About Product or services which you provide. #2-

How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing– People leave your website without buying anything then Trigger your ads to people who’ve visited your website, used your mobile app or video channel. remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. In this Article, I Explain How to setup Display Remarketing Campaign In SEM. Setup Remarketing Campaign: –