8 Reasons why People Leave Your Website?

Every website user wants to proper navigation of the specific website which they fulfill their requirement and understand the services or products with minimum time spam. If the user does not enter the internal od your site then you have to understand that the website is not user-friendly which impact your Business ROI and bounce rate which is bad for SEO point of view.

Here I compiled a list of 8 most common reasons why your visitors may not convert into your loyal customers.

1. Much Loading time-

Considered as the greatest inconvenience in dealing with the working of a site, slower transferring and downloading of pictures on the site or the content won’t let the guests remain. In this quick-paced world, nobody has enough time to hold up sufficiently long to stack a page for getting to required data. The clients may move to some other site with the fast loading framework.

2. Poor Design-

Website structure is the backbone of every company. Digital marketing is about user experience. Individuals won’t invest hours perusing through your site to discover what they’ve been searching for. In addition, poor route structure is awful for SEO. Your content ought to be organized in a way that would control the client from becoming acquainted with your item to get it in only a couple of basic advances.

3. Not Enough Content-

According to Bill Gates Content is the King. Content is the key element of every website if the user did not fetch out their requirement, they not interact your website.

Assess the content that you currently have on your site. If it is thin then add more to it. Use lists, images, and videos to break up the text. People like to scan quickly through content so it is important that it is spaced out in a way that allows for that.

4.  Annoying Ads-

The only Adsense approve site can show ads according to Google Adsense Algorithm.if user land your site and facing more ads and pop-ups to your site which always leads to the bad experience of your website.

5. Content is Outdated-

Every user wants to fresh and updated content which user attracts your website and SEO point of view its Google always give more priority to updated content.

6. Absence of responsiveness-

A responsive site is one that enables the site to adjust the screening estimate it is being seen on. In the event that you are opening a site on the little cell phone, it ought to be demonstrated the same as though the individual is opening it on the desktop or portable workstation. On the off chance that there is the absence of responsiveness in the web architecture it won’t be indicated same while opening it on various screen resolutions and individuals will get disturbed with the non-responsive plans and sadly it makes them leave your site.

7. Autoplay Video And Audio-

Simply consider it for a minute – have you at any point left a site since you were irritated by the music or video? I positively have.

Individuals need to choose for themselves when and on the off chance that they need to watch a video or tune in to a sound.

8. Difficult to Read-

Real difficulties begin when visitors start reading your content and realize they have to take some effort to read your content because the font is too small, too big, too bright, doesn’t blend with the background color. This is something you should fix as soon as possible.

Make sure the font is easy to read and is “eye friendly”. From personal experience, when I visit some website that has implemented a font that hurts my eyes, no matter how pretty it looks, I eventually (quite fast) get annoyed and switch to other websites.


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